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maintenance will go to maintenance a few days in October!

Hi guys, I will change the hosting service of next month and maybe do some cleaning-up in the same time. Expect 1 week or 2 of downtime at some point. Cheers

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quadru Ludo

Parkour skill standard

I released a training video a few weeks ago, you may have skipped it because of my old-school blog design 😳 It deals with my parkour routine, a low intensity morning training. Obviously I train a lot, and people often ask me “oh you must be very good?”. It’s hard to say yes or no, because I know so many good …

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Parkour roll

Note: I decided that will go offline before the end of 2016. Most of the information is available in other publications by now. I am using the blog to save articles which are important to me. When to use the roll Roll is used for landings having a minimum horizontal speed and a minimum height. Otherwise the move itself …

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landing monkey

Precision & drop landing

Note: I decided that will go offline before the end of 2016. Most of the information is available in other publications by now. I am using the blog to save articles which are important to me. Deformation In track and fields, the energy of a jump dissipates by deformation of the sandbox; in high-jumping events, by deformation of the …

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Vibram 5Fingers

5-fingers for Parkour review

In January 2012 I wrote a blog article about barefoot parkour. Then the Vibram 5-fingers didn’t impressed me. The same year in summer I decided to give them a new try. This time I ended up buying my first pair of “glove shoes”. One thing you should know about Vibram, creators of the 5-fingers: I follow their work since day …

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Ido Portal Movement culture

I started to follow Ido Portal‘s work when he joined up with the guys from parkourgenerations in 2013. Ido talks about movement culture, not a system or a  method because he advocates a general and non specialized approach to movement. His final goal is to master all movements, even he admits it’s impossible. So I did my own researches and …

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Weighted training {2/2}

Three weeks ago I talked about the logic behind weighted training. Now it’s time to see how to implement the concept, which equipment we can use. As I said in my first Hypergravity! blog post, we should respect the body mechanics and its natural distribution of dead weight (ie fat in an overweight person). Naive approach – first prototype It …

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The loose fit vest I tried

Weighted training {1/2}

Almost 2 years ago I wrote a blog post about WG (short for Weighted Gears). The research I did then offered a starting point for some personal experimentations. Meanwhile I also read and listened carefully to new inputs from fellow traceurs, scientists, crossfitters and the like. But as the messy Wikipedia entry shows, the methods and results of weighted training …

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Parkour in Paris

I went to Paris at the beginning of September and Ithought I would give you some feedback! I trained by myself, with veteran traceur Ivan and with Parkour Paris. The entire city is of course a fantastic spot, I just didn’t remember how dirty and polluted the city was. Talk about Paris in summer time! There are still a few …

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Parkour 2014

David Belle and Charles Perrière have published a new book called Parkour, from the origins to the practice. After reading the free sample I was already sceptical because some parts were very similar to DB’s previous book. The layout of the chapters looked odd and the training content superficial. Not to mention that David and Charles had not worked together …

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